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As a teenager back in the late '70s and '80s, I lived for music and seeing my favorite bands perform in concert. The concert shirts they had for sale, back then, well -- that was a different story. They were usually boxy, scratchy and yes, only came in black. Now, I have nothing against the traditional black concert shirt, but it would have been nice to have some different color choices! Plus, how hard could it be to provide a shirt with a more feminine fit?!


Every concert I attended, I'd have to fool around with that shirt and do whatever I could to break it in and improve it. These were my beloved bands, after all, so I had to find a way to make each and every one way more appealing and wearable. I did it all -- washed and washed and washed, soaked in fabric softener for days a time, scissored off the manly sleeves, snipped out the neckline -- anything to make it more girlish.


I guess you could say I was obsessed, or maybe just "enthusiastic"? Once, in my quest for the ideal shirt, at the age of 19, I found a local printer in Venice, California and designed my very own shirt to honor my favorite band whose shows on the Sunset Strip I attended religiously. So this crude early design became my favorite shirt!


Fast forward to today. Nothing has changed since my teens. Creating Vintage Teenager apparel is the fulfillment of a lifelong quest... second to my love of music and concerts, of course! I don’t want Vintage Teenager to be just another shirt in your closet -- I want it to be your favorite shirt!


Summer of '82



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