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Vintage Teenager -- a labor of love from a couple of teenagers who went to high school together, then found love 30 years later...and discovered they still shared that same teenage mindset they knew back in the day...


Not long after my mumble-somethingth birthday in 2016, I declared in a youthful burst of zest, "I'm not old, I'm a Vintage Teenager!" Little did I know I'd just invented a phrase that would stick in my head and link up with an old ambition long set aside.


Like any passion, my enthusiasm was brimming over so I couldn’t help but share this idea with others. And to my astonishment, people lit up like Christmas trees -- it seemed I had discovered something amazing. Very few of us really think of ourselves as adults these days...we still think of ourselves as teenagers, just with a little more "age" than "teen".

No matter who I talked to, no matter what their age, not only did they still feel like teenagers but most of them still participated in activities from their teen years! Surfers still riding waves. Moto-x riders still riding dirt bikes. Avid concertgoers still going to shows.


As story after story filled my ears, I realized how widespread this perception really is. Becoming an adult doesn't remotely come close to truly describing how many of us feel and how we conduct our daily lives.To quote Frank Lloyd Wright, "Youth is not an age thing. It’s a quality."


So I and my partner decided to indulge our youthful passions and create these evocative designs to commemorate this endless summer in our souls and to acknowledge the way so many others feel. It's not an age thing, it's a quality. It's a sun that never sets.


The Vintage Teenager mission is to pair beautiful designs, vintage colors and textures with soft and comfortable shirts embracing the Vintage Teenager that lives in all of us. 

Missy and Jeff


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